Back to School Superhero Timyah Hall

Timyah Hall is going into kindergarten this year and she knows all about Igniting Good! Timyah traveled around Louisville, Kentucky, as part of Kindergarten Countdown, a program just for kids going into kindergarten! She visited so many fun places: the YMCA, the Louisville Zoo, the public library, the Frazier History Museum, the Science Center, the Derby Museum, and Louisville’s Slugger Field! She saw super performances by actors from Stage One Family Theatre and Walden Theatre. She got her Global Game Changers Passport to Your Heart stamped at each location. And she even got to meet the Mayor of Louisville!

Timyah traveled around all summer because she knows that it’s very important to be ready for kindergarten. It’s a big responsibility to go to school, and all of these super community partners were there to help, thanks to support from PNC Bank, Jefferson County Public Schools, and the City of Louisville.

We know that Timyah will pass on what the Global Game Changers curriculum teaches kids in school: that we all have a responsibility to Ignite Good!™  To learn more about our standards-compliant, compassion-based curriculum and how the Global Game Changers program gives Pre-K and elementary students a foundation for achievement in the classroom, click here.


Check out this fun video all about our summer at Kindergarten Countdown!

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If you want to be eligible to become the Global Game Changers Superhero, just like Timyah:

 In our travels around the city with Kindergarten Countdown, we met a lot of future kindergarteners – and future superheroes! Way to go to everyone who participated and good luck in school this year. We know you can be SUPER!

Thanks to all the kindergarteners who made it out to the fun events!

Read all about Timyah!

1. What are you going to do to be a good student this year?
To be a good student , I am going to do my homework.

2. Did you get any advice from your family or other kids about going into kindergarten?  What was it?
The advice I have received from my family is to listen to my teachers and do my homework.

3. Who are your heroes, in fiction and real life?
In real life my superhero is my sister Nalani. She has autism.

4. What superhero quality would you want to have and why?
The superhero quality I would like to have would be to help others.

5. What’s your favorite subject in school?
My favorite subject in school is math.

6. What’s your favorite animal?
My favorite animal is zebras.

7. What do you want to be when you grow up?
When I grow up, I would like to be a ballerina.

8. What’s your favorite fun thing to do with friends?
I love to have tea parties and play dress up with my friends.

9. What’s your favorite movie or TV show?
My favorite movie is “Disney’s Teen Beach”. My favorite show is Spongebob.

10. Tell me a little bit about your family.
My family is nice!

11. Is there anything else that you want to tell us about yourself?
I love to color and play outside!


Check out these nonprofit organizations in the Louisville community.  They support Kindergarten Countdown, and you can help support them!

Thanks again to all the amazing Kindergarten Countdown Partners!